Revens Wood Belloni Vinyard Zinfandel, 2007

Forty-five dollars is not frugal buy… Shit, we have some explaining to do: Yes, we are a blog about frugal wine; and yes, we emphasis, and try to live by, the under twenty-five motto. But this is not a pious creed by any means; birthdays and other joyous celebrations of corporate, family, make believe, and spontaneous very happy un-birthdays call for some some more prestigious flair; e.g. the $45 Ravens Wood Zinfandel.

By the way, wine is the best birthday gift. It does not clutter up the home past its single use, usually tastes great, brings momentary redness to the cheeks; some cursing, mass laughter, sullen despair and self anguish, and boosted self bravado may occur. These can contribute to the best birthdays–except for the despair part, but some people like that. I never got it either.

Fine cheese (Lamb Chopper from Cypress Grove) was bought and a terrific bread was made (wheat spelt, sourdough baguette with hemp seeds). The air was redolent of an old french cottage. But really we have no idea what an old french cottage smells like. That sentence is just something to pull you in with descriptive evocations to better draw you in to the scene, set a mood. Those cottages could be really drab and a little mildewy for all we know. The point here is that the night of opening was any pleasant and homey configuration you can possibly imagine; a damn fine night for wine.

Revens Wood Belloni Vinyard Zinfandel, 2007 $45 – 14.5%
– Very dark and inky, coating the glass as it thins to the brim.
– Redolent of many fine things: old moccasin shoes, tobacco, cinnamon and peppercorn. After the wine was awakened with some settled room temperature, a faint mildew crept into the mix, it was remarked with pleasure.
– This wine had some bold-as-love tannins, let us tell you; although nothing overstayed its welcome by sticking to your gums of inner cheeks, opting instead for a smooth finish and long linger. The linger may have been the longest we’ve encountered, in fact. There was hardly a reason to sip again for a few minutes after each partaking. There were notes of charred cherry wood, citrus–lime to be exact, autumn leafs and candied cherries. The experience remained dark and kept frustratingly coy with all of its secrets, indicating a very young wine. This Zin can easily keep for ten plus years. But if you happen to be into a young, raucous, live-loud-or-nothing wine, this is the one for you. There’s a pent up energy to this wine, like a hipster waiting in line for a Wilco concert, but with the dark tenacious seriousness of an old gentlemanly scholar pouring over the latest issue of PloSOne.
Overall: Worthy. If you have the $45, are in need of hard-hitting young, but tough enough to endure longer than the life of a small poodle, wine…. Buy, buy!

Quote of the Evening

Mildew! Mildew! All I can smell is mildew! And I like it! What’s that smell that’s a good indicator for a brain tumor again?

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