Bodega Navarra Correas Malbec 2009 $12

A good friend, whom I haven’t seen personally for years, is now back in town. Having an affinity for Malbec, especially the ones from Argentina, saying “I bought them once. They were good. Never had to buy anything else.” Jolly good, then. Stick with what you like; and why not? Argentina has been pumping out some of great, inexpensive wines for that exhibit varied nuances, textures and inky characteristics that are drastically different as you taste the terrior of the northern main producer, Salta, to the southern region of Rio Negro–so much to discover. Mendoza (situated nearly in the middle of the country, other main producers) happens to be the region more prolific with the volume of wine produced, exactly where our Bodega Navarra Correas originates from.

Generally speaking, it’s been said that there are very little bad vintage years for Argentinian wines, seeing as how plenty of warm sunshine are ever-present, and yet kept temperate by the regions cool air sweeping in from the ocean, always within a decent distance. You’re more likely to get a juicy red from the regions of Argentina that can leave impressions and redolence that are similar to southern Spain’s productions. A relatively new adage: You’re safer spending your money on a thirty dollar Argentinian than you are with a twenty dollar Cabernet from Napa.

Bodega Navarra Correas Malbec 2009, Mendoza Argentina – 13.9% – $12
– A light red glow. Thinning near the edge, there is some pink elongation to red, wide transition seen.
– Some dust, old oak and some light syrupy-cherry. A thin nose, all in all.
– There is that ubiquitous, cheap syrup taste going on; I won’t shy away from saying that’s present. However there is a redeeming, even balanced linger and finish. It’s pleasant, but there is really nothing worth exploring here. Pleasant, but hardly worth excogitating about.

Overall: Pass. A caveat to this: I would recommend this Vavarra Correas had I not been exposed to some finer Malbecs from the Argentina region, all your for just a few dollars more. Well worth the extra dough: The Catena 2009; and the Layer Cake, 2010 Malbec, both of which hail from Argentina for about $17.

Quote of The Evening:

Hunky Hercules! Yeah!

That wasn’t Hercules. It was a sculpture of Moses.

Oh. Well. He’ll always be Hercules to me.

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