Estancia, 2009, Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

We recently received a belated, but very much appreciated, Christmas gift: The Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a 2009 vintage that has been waiting for us a very long time. We had to have it immediately on our wine night for fear that it would judge us incorrectly, or perhaps find us to be underwhelming and turn to brown splonk in spite. It is known that wines of these sort, not just in price, but in the general market, demand to be drunk young. A demand we do not mind participating in.

This is an exciting time for wine; we now have the means, the processes and tried and true knowledge for making quaffable wines that require no elongated fermentation. Some would argue against this, with the vehement passion that only a true wine connoisseur can posses. We call them snobs; particularly considering study after study that many knowledgeable wine enthusiasts can not tell the difference between so-called esteemed wines and those of lesser caliber. How true that is, well, it’s hard to say. Some have a palette, and then some have a palette.

Thanks to @bleudaimonia for passing along the New Yorker article.

Estancia, 2009, Cabernet Sauvignon – $12 – 13.2%
– Red. Little thinness. Some brown, but promising.
– A thin oak in there. A whiff of green citrus zest.
– There’s nothing to exciting here, but what is there to find is simply pleasing. This straight-up cab has a familiarity to it that is synonymous to many other Cabernets, especially ones from California. Cab’s are notorious for being the “safe wine,” after all. The tip, mid and finish are closer to thin; but the linger is right. A caveat, though: there resides a discombobulating essence within, something quintessentially described as “black lime.” Some citrus, almost a pepper, shines when opened up for a good deal of time.
Overall: Worthy. It’s decent, clean and can abide to any dish you wish to serve. It’s a simple and inexpensive sipper for any night that won’t give a blunt hint that it’s cheap. Someone has made a point to making this a quality, well-rounded wine by inexpensive means.

Quote of The Evening:

[Wide eyed] Black lemon. Huh. That’s a perfect description.

That better end up in your quote for this review. [air typing] ‘Black Lemon.’

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