Valle Perdido 2008 Malbec

Argentinian malbec, when has it ever done us wrong? Never. We’ve yet to encounter the mal bottle. Malbecs are considered to be spicy, inky, robust, full and exhibit haunting redolence of lavender, fall leaves, and juniper trees. The taste, while normally consistent throughout Argentina, can vary from filling, coating and strutting a dark berry linger, to lighter, silkier iterations that still pronounce that impossible fringe of blackberry and a veneer of what can only be described as barking mad sugars suppressed tightly between a clump of dirt and tobacco leaves.

The back of the bottle talks of the winery’s estate being wedded with the Valle Perdido (The lost valley) of a once great city where lost souls could congregate and be inspired. The Valle Perdido is still a cherished region, the vintners convey this message through their Perdido malbec. And there must be something special about the conditions of the soil (clay based and porous) and the adept growing and fermenting tactics that the developers employ. They’ve got it right, both the quality of the wine and its stunning price. It’s unclear whether or not this wine is 100% malbec, or a mixture of other modestly grown grapes in the region near the Neuquén River – I would suspect it’s not all malbec; there is this uncharacteristic easiness to the wine as a whole. Ultimately, a good decision whatever method they employed.

Valle Perdido 2008 Malbec – $17

– A solid color base. Some red, with a promising brown tint and a strong color diffusion stretching to the edges.

– There’s a smoky and high octane give at the first inhale. What follows is a earthy, vanilla power play that has a fisticuffs over your attention.

– A full and very bright wine. There’s not a lot of sweetness present, it’s simply spot on. There’s a great sense of true balance and harmony with this wine. The balance may not reach for grandeur, or to be the créme de la créme of finesse, but it knows that it is a elegant, filling and inky malbec with illicit intent of showing you a good night. Yet, there may have been a tad too much oak. But you have to forgive it, for it’s not off by much.

Overall: Worthy. Pick it up and drink it quickly, now’s the time for drinking this ’08. It will balance a robust and filling meal of pasta and tart tomato sauce, or a vinegar drenched salad, or cheese prominent aperitifs.

Quote Of The Week:

“A bad wine? No… that’s a concept only for the world outside of me and my fifth glass.”

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