Stacked Bottles: 10-26-12

Here are some recent bottles we’ve tasted, the by-product of presidential debate viewings, scoffing and scolding:

Altovinum Evodia Granache, 2010 Argentia Old Vines – $13
– A light garnet through and through. The swirl test indicates that, yes, it swirls in the glass nicely.
– There’s a vivacity to this nose. The blackberry is forward, the alcohol reserved, and the oak just present. You can’t sniff it forever, no matter how elegant it is, before it losses most of its mystique and falling flat.
– It’s got a punch like only a tempered flower could give – if it were ten feet tall and had a little more of an umph behind its pedal-y muscle. Once it calms down there’s a terrific acidity that melds perfectly with the lightest kiss of sweetness and a tinge of a dark tar linger. The Evodia is quite a bit forward, but don’t let that fool you because there are layers to discover.
Overall: Worthy. Pick this wine up. You can find it anywhere between $10 to $14. It’s worth every penny and will accompany an array of dishes. But your best to pair this with an expressive cheese and tough country bread. Proceed with a steak, too, if your into a heavy muscle to accompany your meal.

Kiler Grove 2009 Grenache – $18
– Lighter than you’d expect for a grenache, exhibiting a lightish purple.
– Deep strawberry and raspberry will envelop and hug your nostrils. Trust me, you’ll want to smell this forever. Once you’ve been up into the wine’s business for some great deal of time you will also get a whiff of lingering wood floor and leather shoe with a sprinkle of dust atop it all.
– This is another bold wine to confront. The closest it comes to is a bold zinfandel. It’s unlike the old-world feel of your typical greanche. This could be a big determent for those of you so inclined to the typical style. This is 100% grenache, though. As such this is merely another expressive style of the grape. There’s a great deal of forward momentum in the mouth followed by a deep linger, but there’s little in the mid-range.
Overall: Worthy. Despite it going south (or west, depending on how you look at it) of what you’d expect to be expressed through a grenache, this wine is going to please a good deal of you. This grenache is a little loud, as if it’s the loudest woman in the room who you absolutely adore, but could never spend your life with. Pair with some fresh mozzarella balls to beckon it’s full expression.

Some Bottle at an Awkward View.

Bouchard Aîné & Fils, France Heritage da Conseiller, 2010 Pinot Noir – $6
– Welcome to the light side of pinot noir.
– Some floral, but it’s mostly masked by a syrup-y linger with some black licorice.
– The syrup prevails with a kick of anise and dry wood. There’s a distinct lack of balance and no acidity, which this sorely needs.
Overall: Skip it. You can get some more worth-while pinot noirs for just a buck or two more. Not that this is the worse cheap wine out there, it just happens to not be pliant enough for our six dollars worth.

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