Wading Through Five More

This blog has been writing out of Salt Lake City, Utah for over a year now. I’ve lived here my entire life; and have fallen in love with wine in this state as well – even if the state has no notable wine valleys or producers. We do have some winemakers despite the terrain, the crushing heat of summer and our sullen winters. I’ve covered some of them in earlier posts, while avoiding others entirely. Sometimes you have to adhere to the old axiom: don’t say anything unless you have something nice to say. I believe the extent of my knowledge from that particular proverb comes from the Disney film Bambi, although I don’t doubt it’s as old as the written word. Regardless, you don’t always have to call out a bad wine; it can be like kicking the fat kid in the esophagus while he’s down, having just been beaten by some older boys for “sleeping the dog” with his yo-yo. Full disclosure: Which was me. Those kids were just jealous.
And now, I’m moving. Although I should say we’re moving because A) I am literally moving with another human being (not to disappoint anyone who assumed I was alone in a basement surrounded by nothing but cheap wine), and B) I always just refer to the Frugal Glug as, not a single entity, but a collective recollection of everyone and anyone I drink with, and our opinions on what we consume. Ah, yes, and where to? California. Los Angeles specifically. Her, Philosophy; I, Film. We’ll be fine as soon as some income can pour in. See, the whole premise of this blog is ridding on the coattails of the frugal rule of thumb, that many who know what they’re talking about, already know. Great wine can be had on the cheap, or the relatively cheap, the semi-cheap, the yeah-it’s-twenty-bucks-but-that’s-good-for-this-varietal; or as I call it: “two hours worth of work good.” And yet, now we’re moving to a locale that saps money from your person just by breathing. I’m told it’s to feed the souls of dead producers who still scour the streets at night, advancing and securing monetary gain even after death.

Instead of a good night and good luck to this blog, there’s all the more reason to pull on through with it, to fight the good fight. The selection of wine should be exponentially higher in the L.A. proper –– and the bargains all the more interesting for it, seeing as how the average cost-per-bottle will rise alongside the inflation of selections.

“I don’t believe in no win scenarios.”

Yeah, we side with this guy.

Breaking in to a new, bill draining, city is just another challenge. Braving some truly suspicious wines over the years, we know challenges when we see them. I can only say this relocation will help us, and hopefully you as well, find the real deals without compromise or lamentations.

As with tradition, our recent bottles:

Rolf Binder 2007 Halliwell – $ 16 ::Worthy::
Such an interesting wine with a somewhat complex, inky musty tone. Yet, it’s obvious the wine was doing what every wine eventually does best, crawl to a slow death. The wine was coming loose at every end. But We were glad to have experienced it nonetheless.

20120 Bodege Elena De Mendoza Malbec – $ 8 ::Worthy::
Very wide in the mouth, sour even; it fans out as it reaches the back of your throat. A great foundation and fill, but lacks anything really outstanding or complex. Zesty with a hint of mineral. Surprising for the price.

2010 Bodegas Olivares Monastrell Altos de la Hoya Finca Hoya De Santa Ana – $9 ::Worthy::
Wide and stout in flavor. Feels very solid without the weight; the tannins, punctual. We didn’t get much of a sense of complexity but it was generous with the fruit, forgiving with the ease at which is slid down the throat in no time at all, and well balanced in the front and back. It’s a happy-go-lucky student who only aspires to be studious.

2010 St. Francis Red Splash – $7 ::Skip It::Simple sugar syrup with a good hint of acidity. Fairly flabby, however. It’s by no means a get-it-out-of-my-house-right-now wine, but there’s far better for a dollar or two more.

2009 Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvingnon – $7 ::Skip It::
Great for the price. Lively, and fun. More on the generic side, but it’s hardly sleeping with the cheap side of the encampment. This wine will not hold up for you the next day. It turns to this insipid sweet concoction that I was afraid would kill me in the dead of night –– that strong.

Boldly Go

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