And We Have All These Bottles

The Middle One, What a Bastard
Damned time we get going on informing you on the latest, the greatest, and the most deplorable of wines we’ve come across.

It’s been awhile. My (or our, I forget) apologies. In order to feed the wine rack I’ve had to cut down my search for peddling scripts around L.A. and focus on bringing in an actual income.

Suffice it to say, I found a good little job with a good little pay. It’s very cute. You should see me in my damned, loose uniform –– A Burgundy button-up, how fitting. My mother would be proud, right after she stopped laughing.

That all said, I’ve needed some wines to quail my evenings that tend to be be full of writing angst, self depreciation and general sense of shitdom that would be more apropos to define, simply, as melancholy. We know the quote, from the all-too-famous H. Simpson: “Alcohol, the cause and solution to all life’s problems.”

But I have another quote, and it comes from a screenwriter, Craig Mazin: “You’re allowed to cry one night. But then you have to get up the next day and keep going. You have to keep typing no matter what.” It’s a slight paraphrase, but apt enough for me.

What does this mean, ultimately? A hell of a lot of bottles. Because I need two nights a week to cry. Not just one.

2011 Quail Creek Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon – $6
Little to the smell other than some over-manipulated notes of sugar and vegetation. It’s a weak little number, isn’t it? It has an overall purple appeal, which is to say it conjures the thought of wine and delivers the alcohol. But these winemakers do not have a hold on their wine, that’s for sure. It’s the epitome of the excess of the business, fermented and packaged as quickly as possible, tasting just well enough for fools such as I to buy such a wine for a inexpensive price, only later to comment…”for the price. Whatever.” I’m not ashamed to say I’ll buy again. But then again, maybe I am.

2012 Viña San Pedro Cabernet Sauvignon Cato Negro –$5
For the price, it’s not bad at all. Very simple, but not very syrup-laden. It’s soft and smooth, tasting more like a cheap Merlot than a Cabernet Sauvignon. There’s little too say about this wine, other than it’s a good five dollars spent, but is still something you expect to be drinking out of a plastic cup, it’s the wine that’s purchased as an after thought at a sangria party.

2011 Poderi’ Nespoli Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore Reserva – $20
A lively little nose that hints at cherry and dark earth. On the mouth it has a report of acidity, a bitter and feisty back-end that has some cherry and oak. The Nespoli Sangiovese later opens, releasing a hound of tannins that never bite your legs off, but rather, come up for a gentle, appreciable petting. It’s a happy wine that keeps zesty, simple and easy. It’s a wine you can take keep drinking, or leave it for another open bottle without feeling too disrespectful. A worthy wine.

2010 Domaine Lafage Côtes du Roussillon Tesellae Old Vines – $16
Tar and bright fruit on the nose. In the mouth, it’s very well balanced, round and scrumptious. Quite the bargain wine. Nothing was enrapturing, but the wine as a whole felt complete. It was unpretentious, but knew it had a great deal going on. It’s endlessly drinkable, hitting all the right notes while never exceeding, or under performing, on any of them. Tar, plum, and a cherry-like acidity. This is a terrific Roussillon.

2011 Blackstone Winery Merlot –$8
Charcoal nose with a whole barrel of fruit. It is all bodacious grape and strawberry up front that soon turns into a black soot and grey ash kind of darkness, while still retaining it’s easy drinking. It tastes over manipulated, but it is an easy recommendation for an everyday sipping bottle.

2011 Novy Family Wines Four Mile Creek –$18
A dry, somewhat gamey nose with a hint of rose. In the mouth, the wine was never exciting. I kind of limped along. It was never too sweet. Nothing exactly lived up to what it was trying to be. I wouldn’t call it tamed, rather it was reserved all around. The tannins opened near the end of the bottle, but even that never overwhelmed you or proved to be interesting.
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