Viña Eguia Rioja 2007


Most everyone who has bought a Rioja has noticed, in particular, the Rioja’s they couldn’t afford. Of which, there are a plethora of expensive choices. Luckily enough, there’s a great deal of inexpensive Rioja that’s absolutely stellar. We’ve gone through one or two that have been less than stellar, but the vast majority––just about any Rioja you pick up above and beyond the $15 range––is not only lip-smacking, but incredibly deep, a wine worth pondering, something you’ll want to stand out of your seat because it captivated you so.

I’d love to say the Viña Eguía had done the same. I can’t, but it did interest us, caring us away for a time and took command of our senses. There’s a good deal of wines that can not even say that.

I’m talking about a wine you drink and can immediately (or so you think) react to it’s place, its terroir. It’s that unique quality that even newcomers to wine can typically discern, like the wine is pitching a brilliant and colorful flag that represents, with pride, it’s origin. I’d like to say this evocation has something to do with nuance and depth––the extra, extra something deep in the palate.

When you find a wine that’s under twenty dollars that exhibits this…buy a god damn case of it before anyone else finds out about it. Have some gumption, be selfish about it. Your get togethers are going to be a knock out.

2007 Viña Eugía Rioja Gand Reserva – $18
A deep nose that penetrated every pore my nose receptors had; with chestnut qualities and dark berry dances, this wine had a filling nose. Although, after a second glass, all its peculiarity fluttered away. In the mouth, it was cavernous, deep and plumy. There was a dusty residual tannin in the back end, but a little light, and more floral in the back; cedar and leather and plum were present. I couldn’t get the feeling of “place,” but you could tell the wine had a story behind it without it needing to outright tell you. Just, and simply, terrific.

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