2011 “Maritima” Sangiovese

2011 MaritimaSangiovese is familiar. Sangiovese is safe. It’s got the proclivity to go anywhere, do anything. Right, right…and it’s not longer “piss-puddle” as it so used to be known.

We were up in Santa Ynez, California just a week ago. Surprised by all the sangiovese we had seen up there, it’s time to write in about this little market gem we have stumbled upon: The “Maritmma.” For a low priced, foreign bottle, frankly we expected the worst, but turned out to be bowled over, laughing quite merrily.

This brings up a quick point: find the best wine merchant in town and stick with it. Drive forty miles if you have to. You’ll know when a wine merchant is taking themselves seriously. You don’t need a damned degree in anything. The wine will tell you themselves; they will be consistently worthy of your admiration, your nights of depravity.

I know I’ve found a good merchant when I wake up once a week, curled up into a little ball in the corner, neck stiff and hell bent on making a detox tea. So, Salú to them.

2011 “Maritima” Maremma Toscana Sangioves – $8
Let’s skip the formalities of tasting notes. This wine doesn’t have a great deal of them. You are going to find the typical sangiovese tang, bright notes of elation and a smooth finish. The sugar is low, it’s damn good to drink with anything you cook, yet just interesting enough to knock a glass or two back with while watching The Walking Dead, or, if you are so inclined (mature), re-treading old seasons of The West Wing, guffawing over politically savvy dialogue penned by Aaron Sorkin.
A good friend recommended drinking with Saved By The Bell. Do not listen to this woman.

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