2011 Equinoxe Crozes-Hermiatge

Equinoxe 2011I’ve been told again and again that a good French bottle under $20 is pretty hard to find. Or impossible, it really depends on the miscreant you’re talking to. I say miscreant because, well, if they saw the later, they are. Really. I want to shoo them off with my show. If only I was so inclined. Some of the best bottles we’ve had have been from the under $20 range from North, South, East, and yes, West France too!

A good deal of French wine is pretty fantastic. Really, combat your fears for once and pick up a bottle of some esoteric (and yes, frightening) bottle from, say, the Crozes-Hermitage.

That’s where this weeks bottle hails from.

We found it in the “Last Bottles” bin. So I advise seeking this bottle out hasta pronto before they go the way of the dragon: something mythical, mystical, and damned fascinating that no one really believes actually existed anymore…

…a beautifully balanced wine for under $20.

2011 Domaine des Lises Crozes-Hermitage Equinoxe – $19
A delicate nose; refreshing, earthy with some clay notes and a faint raw hide sort of tinge. In the mouth, the Equinoxe is very delicate and balanced. Great sugar, tight concentration, a tangible feel to the backend. There’s little evolution, but you can’t help but be damned happy you’re drinking it. Very easy to get along with. A perfect introduction to French Crozes-Hermitage. Excellent. Worthy.

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