2005 Château d’Arche

What’s on my mind: Why we thrive on stories.Ian McDonald of Invisible Ink* points out that all stories boil down to a fairy tale concept. Which, with both ease and unmeasurable trepidation, boils down to:

Once upon a time…
And every day…
Until one day…
And because of this…
And because of this..
And because of this…
Until finally…
And ever since that day…

Many things have this rhythm. The more you care to ponder it, the more you are aware of it in ever aspect of your life; the macrocosms of your day, with your food, your commute, your ride to the market.

Joesph Cambell is wont* to delineate that all stories, essentially, come from the stars (the Monomyth). And they haven’t stopped building off their original forms, like branches from ancient trees still profligate. From The One, the infinite tumbles out. Sometimes eloquently.

And…right. This happens with wine. It was on my mind while drinking last night’s outstandingly-juicy French that everyone shouldn’t be afraid to plunge an extra few dollars on. There’s joy to be had.

There was a bread with brie,
And a wine that was sixty-degrees.
Until we pulled forth and corked fleet
Cut and smear, the Episode in,
Watched listened, gorged
gargled and clawed with a renewed sense of sous
Until it was gone, with sleep come abroad
And ever since that day…the notes of taste are lost.


2005 Château d’Arche (Haute Medoc) – $45

Solid and scrumptious. An inviting nose full of mineral and other dark assets that were pleasant as all hell. But we moved on quickly to the drinking. I must say it was very grand. Bright, dark, fruit-laden, finely oak-y, easy, and most welcome down to the last glass. The alcohol was appreciable. The fruit was wholly blueberry. There was a presence about the bottle. The d’Arche won’t win a snobs blue ribbon, but that hardly matters. If wine’s truly about enjoyment, this empty bottle is it’s martyr.


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