Here and There.

We’ve got two wines for you. One is the 2011 Kirkland Signature Bordeaux Supérieur, the other is a Syrah from Santa Ynez, California. These wines were the last we consumed while residing in our old apartment in the interior of Los Angeles (read: hell, the devil’s asshole, David Lynch’s Dune). We are now stationed, much to are delight, in Santa Monica. If you are unfamiliar with Santa Monica, it is home to bizarre cultural significances and odd social behavior. For instance, peanut butter is expensive at the corner market. Corpulent individuals are frowned upon as they are passed. Canines are required to be small, yapping constantly, and useless to the world. And it is impossible to have anyone understand you unless you punctuate the beginning of a sentence with the word “like.” The actual meaning of the word “like” is no longer clear to me, like a lost biological term you learned as a freshman; “like” seems to be a formal deceleration of regal classification.

Luckily, wine remains to be a panacea to the world.

2011 Kirkland Signature Bordeaux Supérieur – $12
An aromatic wine that smelled like a delicate socialite.
We noticed a sweet linger as it washed over, around and down our gullets. Slightly cheap in style, some tannic muscle, earth, stone and licorice. Not terribly expressive, but we were not bored when drinking from her. She put up a good fight, although it was not a clean fight; it was messy with a little slapstick.

2011 Melville Estate Syrah, Estate Verna – $25
The Melville smelled thick and hinted of sweet things to come reminding me of Fall.
When tasting it, we found that it was a good wine up to a point. It was mellow in our mouths with a slight tannic back end. Once the air had gotten to it, the flaws came out like roaches in the dark; it was not horrific, namely unsavory, leaving a shallow feeling for you senses. We drank the bottle, because it was better than many others.
Skip it.


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