Yay; Nay.

Two quick wines for review.
The first wine is the 2011 Fairview Pinotage; an unfortunate wine––seeing how it is pinotage, a varietal that I am an advocate of. The second wine is the 2011 La Maialina Chianti, a fair, delicious wine that is sure to please.

What? Expecting an insightful post? I’ve got two books coming down the pipeline, as well as a script that is being repaired (fixing its current, and unfortunate, malady: an acute case of awful). There are things to be done. I’ve had very little time to indulge in wine. Although, hell, I should fix both of my problems by “researching” a new book. I shall call it: Forty Nights of Drinking. Or: How to Laugh At Chirrosis.

The Two.

The Two.

2011 Fairview (Chalres Black) Pinotage – $14
Sniffing right in: dark tones with cherry zeal. Some sweet, alcohol intense aromas.
Disappointing, to say the least. Very heavy and dark in the back. The wine fights you as you get to the bottom of your first glass. The sweetness intensifies with every sip. It tastes manipulated, like the vintners did not trust the end product enough without adding in a few dosages of sugar to the final mix. Secondary malolactic fermentation? I suspect so.
Skip it.

2011 La Maialina Chianti – $12
A tart smell, light on the sugar and a cogent mineral zing.
A very easy sipper that starts to go dark as you let it breathe. But, how pleasant the ride is. There is some fair amount of tannin for this chianti; this is a welcome surprise, however, seeing as how the acidity takes up arms to match it. Nothing will challenge you here, but it’s a ball to have with a light meal, or on it’s own.