About Us

We’re a group of students. We’re also broke and continually burdened with our love of fine wine.

Around, circa, the summer of 2010 is when it all started. Living in Salt Lake City and having nothing to do on Sunday evenings we had formed a tradition: Wine and Star Trek night. As it turns out, the Original Series paired with wine and cheese is a blissful pairing. We’ve been doing it every Sunday since. Only after a short while did we discover an unexpected new creed, neurotically jotting down notes and details of the wines consumed, reviewing and ranking each inexpensive bottle we could lay our hands on. We were inexperienced in the ways of viticulture but soon discovered our world and palettes expanding. These Sundays have proven quite useful to both our education and necessary frugal ingenuity.

Our deep appreciation for wine (read: finally fragmented from our Tequila fixation) unfortunately does not meet our meager monetary freedom. As a result our focus spent in the liquor shop lies more to the front of the store, rather than then to the delicious, tempting back walls of prestige. We fully acknowledge that A) we are not the only ones that are in this situation, B) not everyone will have, nor need an ’05 Petrus, and C) it is plain to see that many a fine wines have been crafted and sold inexpensively; and these are the wines that not only cater to the masses, but also please the body, mind and soul. It’s our mission to find and highlight the market’s cheap wines that are of top-tier quality and heckle those that lie in the sub-par category.

We don’t want you making the same mistakes we have.


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